mvmt.cnvs (2020- ) 

mvmt.cnvs {{movement conversations}} is an emergent, multidimensional, multimedia exploration of the following questions:
  • what is the movement conversationthat only we can have in this moment?
  • what does it look like to notice in motion?
  • how does movement shape movement?

mvmt.cnvs is a practice rooted in a principle of emergent strategy:

"there is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. find it."

it is a practice which calls folx together to explore and share, through different modalities, their relationships to movement, space, identity, && transformation.

one of the ways in which we do this is through {{careful, mindful}} gathering. conversations in space.


the concept is this.

folx gather, together, in real time. we center in the space. acknowledge where we are. we converse, in words. about what the space brings up for us. about what we bring to the space. we converse, in movement. we document. we reflect. we share. we process.

there are conversations that happen with a single humxn and the space they occupy. and there are conversations that happen among humxns, with the space they're in. we explore the complexity that builds with every unique individual who shapes the conversation.