just remind me (2020)

they just remind me i’m without you

music + lyrics: mirrored heart x FKA twigs 

notes from 14 aug 2020

e – what are you looking for in partnership(s)?

people to collaborate with on artsy creative projects. alignment in core values — e.g. around race, systems of power privilege and oppression. people to explore and practice with. to explore physically & somatically, but also through travel and experiences. to practice ways of being, relating — holding complexity, abundance, vulnerability. someone/people to practice discomfort and messiness with. to work through fear and shame together. someone/people to dance and move and grow with. partnership where we each get to flourish as our unique selves and also together. it’s complexity theory where you get to build this cool thing together that you can’t on your own but you don’t lose yourself in the process.

i want to practice big love, reciprocity, to not hide myself or make myself small. i want partnership that helps me to be more myself, my best self. partnership that makes it safe and exciting for each person in the partnership to do that. i want it to be safe for the other person to be more themselves too. i want to practice really clear communication, practice clarity, practice decisiveness, trust, honesty. radical honesty.

things that don’t work in partnership: complacency. we need to be choosing to be in relationship together. avoidance. codependency. doing things out of assumption of what the other wants. inability to look at conflict together, lack of listening. inability to be fully oneself because of beliefs around expectations. unreliability — i like dependability.

i like space, each having their own space but also sharing. trust is key. noticing is key. standing up for, encouraging, supporting, rooting for each other is key. intimacy — especially emotional — is important. but so is physical intimacy.

i miss napping next to someone.

i want partnership where we believe in ourselves and in one another.